Monday, January 23, 2012

How to control Hunger

"It was late at night after 10:30, and I went  to the kitchen to get something to eat, Because you know thats what a fatty does..." Wendy Williams
Seriously, this comment descibes me, and it doesn't  even have to be late at night. After my daughter was born, I found that I was doing this ALL the time.  Here are a few great ideas that have helped me control my hunger and focus on achieving my weight loss goals.

01. Chew gum
02. Fiber/protien combo aka protien bars etc.
03. Make sure you get enough fiber 25-35g a day. Use a soluble fiber supplement
04. Drink water. Water with lemon/flavored/carbonated/flavored teas,herbal, green,mint
05. Walnuts/almonds
06. Avoid sugar and bad carbs
07. Eat every 3hrs
08. Eat volume foods: soup,cucumber, watermelon
09. Stay busy
10. Have milk/ rice milk to drink at meals
11. Have pre-chopped raw veggies and fruit and lots of them: if u dont eat that then u aren't that hungry
12. Have pre boiled eggs for a quick protien fix
13. Use pep talks/and have motivational items to read
14. Eat healthy snacks: dont leave home without them
15. Exercise
16. Sleep. Go to bed early.
17. Eat sunflower seeds (a lotta work to busy the tongue)
18. Balance nutrients. Make sure you're taking your vitamins
19. Pause and reflect on hunger are you really hungry or is it stress
20. Don't carry change for the vending machines
21. Procrastinate all snacking until meal time
22. Keep hands busy/Get a Hobby.
23. Have a pedicure/manicure
24. Plan and Prep your meals ahead of time.
25. Drink V8.
26. Try Alli/Fat flush pills.
27. Try to add cottage cheese/ laughing cow/mozerella cheese sticks as a snack
28: Clean and organize. Declutter everything in your home.
29. Change how you look at hunger/ thirst/head/mouth/body need
30. Surf Web.
31. Suck on mm's
32. Have sugar free jello as a dessert
33. Eat Frozen Dark chocolate
34. Practice yoga & mindfulness
35. Snack all the time on heathy foods

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